Become an authorized LMA dealer

The authorized dealer is the operator who decides to invest and collaborate with LMA, setting up in its spaces an exhibition area dedicated to LMA products, where the customer can find the machinery and request information.
For its part, LMA is committed to promoting collaboration between end customers and users, according to different geographical areas.

To become an authorized reseller you must sign a contract in which the operator commits to a certain purchase budget. Once the geographical areas of reference have been identified, LMA will communicate the reseller’s contacts to end customers and users and will sponsor the new collaboration on official channels.

To become an authorized reseller you need to do at least three training sessions per year to update your sales staff dedicated to the sales of LMA novelties.
Alternatively, you can receive the sales manager LMA directly in your company and schedule an openday of technical and commercial training to its representatives.
LMA is committed to provide the retailer with commercial support to promote its products on the web, monitor them to ensure the harmony between their images and compliance with the guidelines.

A necessary step, especially starting from the website, will be to prepare promotional materials of products that can be interactive and innovative to share with the retailer, such as videos and images.

Choosing to become our authorized dealer means being the partner of a company with long experience in the industrial field.
LMA MACHINE offers you a high quality product, original and guaranteed.

  • Concrete answers: solutions to different problems thanks to a constantly evolving product catalogue
  • Operational content: Integrated editorial content provides an effective and valuable contribution to daily operation
  • Growth of the business: favorable positioning on the market, uniqueness of the solutions with specialized content LMA MACHINE, brand recognition as synonymous with quality, credibility and professionalism
  • It’s a earning opportunity, you can integrate your business with new business possibilities

Become our dealer

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