Leader Machine Series

Leader, not just a name.

Grinding machines and single-discs machines

Leader Machine Series

LEADER MACHINE is the biggest and the first professional grinder machine manufactured by LMA. Thanks to a frame cushioning system, the machine can absorb over the 90% of vibrations – an innovative technology protected by patent application for ownership of the LMA MACHINE – helping the operator during daily jobs and avoiding excessive efforts during the grinding process. 

Thanks to the Gear Plate specifically designed to resist enormous stress and several hours of usage, LEADER MACHINE can perform heavy and difficult job tasks in a fast way, despite its heavy weight and single-phase electricity supply. The adaptor and the crown become one body with the frame thanks to the tightening  to the Gear Plate. 

Leader Machine is perfect for grinding and preparing civil and industrial floors in marble, concrete, granite, terrazzo, and natural stones, thanks to its powerful 4Hp motor, the adaptor and the crown. The practical motor flange inserted to the Gear Plate, allows to remove excessive vibrations while working, differences in flatness on the working surface and to reduce the electrical overload. 

The market’s need is to have a professional grinding machine that has a double purpose: grinder machine and single-brush machine at the same time. This is why LEADER MACHINE was born: it is not only a grinder machine but also a cleansing machine, for treating and micropolishing jobs. The Gear Plate can be literally extracted in less than three seconds to turn the Leader from a grinding machine to a single-brush machine effortlessly. This makes Leader Machine the most powerful professional single-brush of the series. 

With the main materials (frame, adaptor and motor) manufactured in Italy, through the collaboration of high-level European suppliers, LMA guarantees the best combination of quality and price. The LEADER MACHINE’s seekers are those who look for a lightweight grinding machine that can be easily moved but at the same time sturdy, resistant and combinable in a way that can be a high-performance, industrial grinding machine of 110kg.

Leader Machine Series

I Modelli

Grinding machines and single-discs machines LEADER MACHINE VS

Powerful single-phase grinding machine with variable speed (VS) for heavy duty grinding and floor preparation jobs of different civil and industrial floors. Double function of grinding and single-brush machine easily interchangeable.

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Grinding machines and single-discs machines LEADER MACHINE

Powerful single-phase grinding machine with fixed speed for tough grinding jobs and for preparing floors on specific civil and industrial floors. It can be easily turned into a single brush machine.

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Grinding machines and single-discs machines LEADER MACHINE WOOD

Powerful single-phase with fixed or variable speed grinding machine suitable for tough grinding jobs on civil and industrial wood floors (parquet, solid wood, teck). It can be easily turned into a single brush machine.

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