Manual Orbit Series

Handy, safe and easy to use

Grinding machines and single-discs machines

Manual Orbit Series

MANUAL ORBITAL-SYSTEM is the LMA line specifically manufactured for customers who need equipments that are easy to use for kitchen’s tops, stairs and under stairs unit. This line is an answer to the needs of marble workers and grinders. 

What makes this grinder machine unique is the fact that can be used an entire day without efforts. The plate’s displacement of 2cm allows the MANUAL ORBITAL machines to oscillate or orbit more than 1.400 times per minute and to move 2cm outwards, allowing a dynamic and rotating process. These orbital machines are easy to use, ergonomics, cheap and most of all, competitive on the global market, which always requires innovation. 

The main feature of this machine, which differentiate it from a classic small grinder machine, is that it saves more than the 90% of water: these equipments have a lower environmental impact

Moreover, efforts are reduced due to less liquid to vacuum. The motors, efficient but less powerful, guarantee a pollution and operating costs reduction. 
Features: handy, safe and comfortable. 

The spare parts are manufactured in Italy. The machines are unique and always at a competitive price.

Manual Orbit Series

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Grinding machines and single-discs machines ORBITOP

Manual Orbital-system grinding machine perfect for polishing marble surfaces such as countertops, stairs, tables and small areas.

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