Manual grinding machines

High quality grinding

Grinding machines and single-discs machines

Manual grinding machines

HANDY MACHINE is the LMA Machine line designed for the specific needs of customers all over the world who need a type of machines that can be used for kitchen tops, bathroom tops, stairs, risers and under stairs. This line is entirely dedicated to the technical sector of high quality marble workers and sanders. 

The manual grinding machine is able to work in small spaces, both dry and wet (thanks to a system according to European electrical law) and can operate in absolute tranquility, for a whole day, without technical interruptions. 

Easy to use, ergonomic, economical and, above all, competitive device, in a globalized market that always requires innovative ideas. What differs this machine are its multiple uses, from the grinding - thanks to the system of Velcro pad holders with interchangeability of resinoid diamonds in Velcro - to the bush-hammer disc, to make non-slip steps or stairs or bush hammered tops, from the horizontal polisher or for steps, to open the joints, from the grinding wheel for removing resins or paints and up to the diamond for the torelli of the top. 

Designed to guarantee absolute quality, at low cost. Another feature is comfort: it is an easy machine to use for a whole day, thanks to the weight (3kg) that makes it light on the surfaces and allows you to manage it comfortably.

Manual grinding machines

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Grinding machines and single-discs machines HANDY MACHINE

Professional grinder for both wet and dry jobs. Ergonomic and lightweight suitable for horizontal and vertical jobs. It can also be used for bush-hammering, opening-joints and grinding the step’s edges. It can be equipped with tools of Ø125mm and Ø150mm M14 ATTACH.

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