Brutale Series

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Grinding machines and single-discs machines

Brutale Series

The grinding machines of the Brutale series are designed and manufactured for all professionals, pavers, industrial resinators and for specialist paving companies. Brutale is a new generation industrial grinding machine - designed in 2019 – it is not just technologically advanced, but it is also easy to use and designed to be as less bulky as possible. The materials and components used are 90% Italian, while the remaining 10% comes from technologically advanced industrial partners all over Europe. The Brutale series offers machines that can handle both small spaces, such as floor edges (model Brutale 25), and medium and large surfaces (models Brutale 48, Maximonster, Chimaera). 

To avoid investments on machines that may not be used for weeks, the new market need is to have a multi-purpose grinding machines. This is why there is the need to design the first grinding machine in the world with a diameter of 95 cm and, thanks to the new technology of LMA, is capable of being both three-phase, for large areas, and single-phase, for small spaces. This is how Chimaera was born.

Brutale Series

I Modelli

Grinding machines and single-discs machines CHIMAERA

Top of the range industrial grinding machine. With its width of 95cm, it is suitable for big areas. Extremely flexible thanks to the double mode single-head and double-head that allows to switch from a large grinding machine to a medium grinding machine suitable for small areas.

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Grinding machines and single-discs machines BRUTALE 48

It is the smallest planetary grinding machine of the Brutale series, versatile, both single-phase and three-phase, fixed or variable speed, perfect for heavy grinding jobs but also for polishing.
For medium size floors.

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Grinding machines and single-discs machines MAXIMONSTER

Our latest industrial planetary machines, single-phase with fixed or variable speed, perfect for substrate preparation, wax removal and grinding jobs. For medium to big floor sizes.

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Grinding machines and single-discs machines BRUTALE 25

Single disc grinding machine that can reach areas where the usual industrial grinding machines cannot. Very effective along the edges and in tight spaces. Foldable and easily transportable.

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