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The customized range of the AUTOSCRUBBERS GIULY  man down and NIKY man on board offers different models for every size and type of environment.
In particular, the autoscrubbers machines can be customized with specific technologies to adapt the performance to the sector to which they are intended, and obtain the maximum consumption, saving resources, and reducing overall the costs.

The industrial field is wide, it has structures ranging from the processing of raw materials, others dedicated to processing, to those intended for the assembly of goods only.
Each of them produces different types of dirt, depending on the sector to which they belong. Sectors dedicated to the production and processing of food, beverages, drugs or cosmetics are characterized by organic dirt, which sticks to the floor and is difficult to remove.
At the same time, they are very sensitive, because they require a high level of hygiene, so as not to endanger the health of consumers.

In factories dealing with the assembly or construction of goods, instead, dry dirt prevails, the concentration of dust may be higher, and it is possible to deal with even small residues.

LMA MACHINE offers floor scrubbers man on the ground and man on board suitable to clean large spaces effectively and quickly. The machines are equipped with brushes, batteries and chargers.

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